Our Story, TechRestore

Founded TechRestore Inc.


It all started the day the camcorder died. Shannon Jean was preparing for a family vacation and the camcorder was broken. He took it to the only option big box store in town – 37 repair and customer service fail days later, a challenge was recognized and accepted. TechRestore was born! He had already been involved with Mac sales and repair for over 10 years. Now he had a new business model: OVERNIGHT repairs nationwide with local drop off locations, up-front and affordable pricing and hardworking, epic customer service delivering employees. A true revolution. TechRestore was off and running for the next 13 years; winning awards, thrilling customers locally and across the nation.

Changing of the Guard


In 2017, the pull of new adventures and a twist of fate brought TechRestore to a crossroads where a new Champion awaited and July brought a changing of the guard. Jeff Jewell took the helm and moved us to his hometown of Louisville, Kentucky. Having served in Apple’s Authorized channel as VP of Service at MacAuthority and with SimplyMac as a Regional Service leader for over 14 years, Jeff was ready to take action on his own vision. By assembling his own dream team with over 50 years of certification, a passion to serve and have fun they went to work.

Our Story, TechRestore
Our Story, TechRestore

Experiences Beyond Expectation


The last couple of years we’ve been in Louisville, the legacy and integrity of TechRestore has been maintained and expanded.  Our retail offerings have grown to include top tier accessories, an impressive stock of Certified Restored devices, and our own warranty program for our education customers. We’ve greatly expanded our service offering to include Lenovo Warranty Authorized repairs, data recovery and out of warranty repair on all Windows PC devices. We continue to bring the lost art of hospitality back to the retail experience and at the same time, we deliver experiences beyond expectation. And we have a lot of fun doing it.

TechRestore believes in a simple mantra. Doing what is right, helping people, and having fun, will fuel our growth and success.