Lenovo, TechRestore

#1 Brand In The Classroom

TechRestore is an Authorized Lenovo Partner specializing in Education solutions. With over 50 years combined experience and tens of thousands of repairs supporting students in the classroom; we are committed to delivering an experience beyond expectation.

#1 Provider:

Lenovo is the world’s leading provider of Education Technology. Downtime is costly at every level of deployment. In order to maximize learning opportunities, it is critical that you have equipment you can trust and a partner to support you.


TechRestore has worked with 1000’s of schools and districts across the US for over a decade and it is our mission to ensure the success of your deployment.


TechRestore provides a dedicated account specialist. That means a real human to provide assistance and answer your questions and concerns. This way we can assure that your transactions are smooth and personalized to make your already tough job easier.