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Delivering experiences beyond expectation.

From the first phone call, all through the service and even after our transaction is complete, we want TechRestore to be the name that comes to mind for repairing, renewing, reviving or even recycling your electronics.

When we think of the “Restore” part of our name, there are three main services that come to mind. These three touch just about every stage of  desktop and mobile device ownership. The point is: wherever you are with your devices, TechRestore is here to help.

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Our technicians are Apple Certified. That means, in addition to their extensive repair training and experience, they have passed training and testing for proprietary Apple technology and practices. The rubber meets the road in our shop, where repairs are completed six days a week.

There are many repairs we offer as standard, bundled repairs (screen repairs, etc). For those that fall outside the norm we offer free diagnosis. More often than not, the tech will know what the issue is right away; because this is what we do! We really only see broken stuff, so the uncommon is pretty common around here!

As if all that weren’t enough: most repairs include a 90 day warranty and some even go as far as a lifetime guarantee.  That means we stand behind our work, we trust the parts we use and we want you to be confident when you choose TechRestore for your repair.


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When you invest in a laptop or desktop computer, you want to make sure it will last for a good, long time. In the modern world, an “older” device may only be a couple of years old! Let TechRestore help you keep it running like a workhorse as long as possible. With an update, an upgrade in storage or RAM, a thorough cleaning or a new battery, your old computer could run like new. 

If it is time to upgrade, you can trade-in your current Mac desktop or laptop (or any Apple product) for same day payment. We pay an average of at least 10% more for your used Apple devices than anyone else. In the market for a newer one? Check out our selection of Certified Restored devices online or in person. Don’t see what you’re looking for? Contact us and see if we can help you find the perfect deal on the device best suited for your needs. We’ll even help finance it if needed (through our partnership with SNAP Finance).

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Do you have a drawer (or closet) full “dead” iPhones, iPads or Macs? You don’t want to keep them, but it’s hard to let them go, too. Well, TechRestore can help! We have a couple of options, depending on what you want to do.

  • Bring it back to life!  Do you know someone who could use it? Even the oldest devices usuApple IIe in the lobbyally have some usefulness. We have revived many old Macs (and remember: free diagnosis). We even have a functioning Apple IIe in the lobby! (Come play Oregon Trail on it, old school!) We love these old dogs and they still hold up; a testament to Apple ingenuity.
  •  Recycle it! It is not compostable, but the parts can be recycled. Either as whole parts or individual elements. TechRestore is a responsible recycler. We’ll even make sure your data is securely erased (or put it on a backup drive!).


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At TechRestore, we make it all stress free. No appointment required, convenient Monday through Saturday hours and friendly, knowledgeable staff.  Rest assured, you can trust us to be up front, friendly and ready to help!

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