April 22, 2019 is Earth Day #49.

earth dayThis movement began in 1970 and continues strong today. Earth Day is typically celebrated with regional clean up days; check your city or the Earthday.org website for planned activities you can participate in.

Apple took the lead in environmental responsibility early on. As of last year, all their facilities are powered with clean energy and year over year, they work to reduce their carbon footprint. This really doesn’t increase their bottom line as much as it reinforces their core values. We believe that’s a respectable thing to do and it flows right along with our company philosophy, too.

TechRestore can help YOU be a hero for the environment, too!

It sounds obvious, but many people don’t know that their old or unused devices can live on usefully for them or someone else. Here are some earth friendly suggestions that benefit you and others, too.


Electronics these days have hardware that is built to last. Over time, though, parts may need to be replaced or upgraded. You may be surprised, for example, how much performance can increase with an upgrade to a solid state drive. Sometimes, all that’s needed is a good “clean up”. This includes a software ‘tune-up’, full functionality testing with recommendations for upgrades, inside hardware cleaning (fans, etc), exterior cleaning and thorough wipe down and malware detection and removal. Call, email or stop by for full details.

electronics recycle.jpg


Do you have old Apple devices that don’t work anymore? TechRestore recycles devices that have reached their end of life and we have a zero waste policy, which means none of the materials go to the landfill. We do this at no cost to you.  Bring them in to see if they may be worth some cash for you on a trade-in. If not, we are still happy to recycle them for you at no charge.


Want to donate your unused device but it needs a little refresh? TechRestore will securely erase your data and do minor cleanup and repair then donate your device for you! We work closely with volunteer-run organizations that are active in the community.  Your unwanted device could make a difference to a school or program that might not have access otherwise.


We buy working Apple devices too! Even if you’re done with it, we can make your older iPhone, iPad, MacBook, iMac, MacPro, Mac Mini (you get the idea) run like it did when it was new and resell it! We’ll give you the best price in the market (and show you how we got it) and you’ll walk out with your payment on the same day. Call, email or stop by for more information.

holiday macs in lobbyTRADE-UP

 Need a newer iPhone, iPad, MacBook or iMac but not a brand new one? Well, TechRestore has you covered with a variety of affordable Certified Restored devices for sale all the time. We even have a finance option if you need it.

How do you recognize Earth Day? Let us know in the comments!

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