Customer Reviews are awesome.

They help guide us, let us know when we are thrilling our customers and alert us about problems that we can solve. Often times a customer may post information in a review that we would not hear about otherwise. When this happens, we get to show that customer that the true measure of a company isn’t just how they treat you when they are taking your money. It’s the after-sale, after-service experience that can be eye-opening – in both good and bad ways.

We all want to do business with companies we can trust and depend on to provide excellent service and if a problem does occur, we want it solved quickly and with limited headaches.

All of us at TechRestore want the same thing, that’s why we work hard to earn your trust. Forever.

Here are links to independent review sites and some actual customer reviews.

TechRestore Reviews on Yelp:

“I would highly recommend TechRestore. I brought my 2009 Macbook Pro in for a hard drive upgrade. Their service is great and efficient. The customer service people were very friendly and patient….”

“TechRestore really stands by their work! I had an issue (posted below) and they were quick to get in touch with me, learn more about the situation, and offer a resolution.”

“TechRestore did a great job with repairing my cracked LCD on my 13 inch mac book pro with Retina display. I would go back to them again in the future.” Read more TechRestore reviews on Yelp!

TechRestore Reviews on Google:

“They are always looking for the most expedient and cost effective solution. Turn around is fast, as they are sensitive to how dependent we have become to our connected devices. If you have a broken Apple product, take it to TechRestore. They will have you up and running in no time!”

“I have been working with TechRestore for the last couple of years and they have fixed hundreds of iPhones and iPads for my company. The staff does an excellent job and they stand behind their work.”

“Great experience. My son accidentally dropped his iPad2 and broke the glass screen. The Apple Store said it was $350 to replace the screen/digitizer. Dropped it off instead at TechRestore and had it back in just about 3 hours! Looks like new and my son is really pleased. Cost less than half what Apple charges!”  Read more TechRestore reviews on Google.

TechRestore Reviews on Facebook:

“Quick repair time, Chucks Wagon BBQ Food Truck is connected once again. If you have to get your phone or computer repaired go to TechRestore, they do quality work and are professionals in the phone and computer repair industry.”

“Fast, reliable, professional, friendly service!”

“Amazing”  Read more TechRestore reviews on Facebook.

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