Apple Computer Repair

TechRestore offers a wide range of Mac repair and upgrade for specific models of the iMac, MacBook, Mac Mini, and Mac Pro.

You can view the Apple computer repair services we have in store for you by selecting the Mac you need help with.


Professional Services

To ensure the best quality of repair and upgrades for our Mac customers, we make sure to only work with the most talented and experienced Apple repair technicians. 

We empower their expertise by providing the best repair equipment available and sourcing only the highest quality of replacement components to be used in every Mac repair and upgrade service.


COVID-19 Safe

Here at TechRestore, we fully acknowledge the threat posed by COVID-19 to our business and customers. That’s why we make sure to follow safety protocols to protect our staff while ensuring we can continue to provide the services you need.

See how we’re responding and adapting to keep everyone safe.



In serving every customer, we understand that they have different needs. In our years of repairing devices, we made sure to continuously expand our services to best serve your needs.

From MacBook repair to iMac repair services, we made sure our professional technicians stay up-to-date with the latest developments to be able to answer your repair inquiries.

Here are the Apple computer repair and upgrade services we’re currently offering:

  • Mac Mini Repairs
  • MacBook Repair and Upgrade
  • Mac Pro Repair
  • MacBook Air Repair and Upgrade
  • MacBook Pro Repair and Upgrade
  • iMac Repair

If you can’t find the services that you need from us, make sure to reach out at  1 (888) 64-RESTORE.