Everyone wants a good deal. In the consumer electronics market, the best deals often come in the form of used and refurbished units sold at a discounted price. So, what’s the difference between a used iPad and a refurbished one? At TechRestore, we take pride in our high quality refurbished iPads . Yes, these iPads have been previously owned but we take a step by step approach to making sure each unit is fully functional and ready for everyday use, replacing failed components and putting each unit through a rigorous, 15-point inspection before offering them for sale. Each iPad is refurbished or inspected by one of our Apple Certified Technicians and we include a 3-month warranty against defects.

Take a look at an in-depth walk through of our refurbishing process below.

IMG_4003-min IMG_4005-min

First we start with a damaged unit. Each iPad is assessed though our 15-point checklist to confirm what is and isn’t functional. Any required repairs are completed.

refurb3-min IMG_4002-min   refurb7-min

Next, we remove the adhesive that secures the iPad’s digitizer in place by applying heat with one of our Hakko heat re-work stations. The Hakko allows us to direct heat with needlepoint accuracy so as not to damage any of the other components on the iPad. The LCD screen is tested to insure it operates within the factory specifications and the damaged digitizer is recycled.

refurb9-min  refurb14-min


After removing the digitizer and lcd screen, any repairs required from the 15-point checklist are performed while the iPad is open. All functions are tested to confirm they are in working order and any cosmetic repairs needed on the rear housing are performed. The adhesive from the previous screen is heated and removed to ensure a clean surface to apply the new screen. A layer of our exclusive DigiStick tape is applied for new digitizer. The application of a high quality, industrial adhesive tape is critical when applying the digitizer to the iPad housing.



The next step is to install a brand new digitizer on the freshly cleaned surface. After installation, the digitizer is clamped to allow the adhesive to completely dry. Once dry, the iPad is cleaned and tested again through the same rigorous 15-point checklist.

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After each iPad has been fully refurbished, it is put into our stock and listed for sale on our website TechRestore.  Once purchased, the iPad is given a final cleaning, packed, shipped and delivered to every customer with a charger and usb charging cable. Not only are our iPads available at a great discounted price but you can take comfort in knowing that they have been refurbished to the highest standards, offering you much more than just a used tablet.

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