Preparing Your Device For Service

We understand how important your devices are to you and your daily life, which is why it is our number one goal to get the machine back to you as quickly as possible. There are a few steps that you can take prior to bringing the machine in for service to help speed the process up.

Preparing your computer for service

  • Bring any backups of your data with you. If you don’t have a backup, don’t worry. Most of the time we are able to create a backup before we start any work. Just let us know that your data is important to you, and we will make it our first priority to try and secure that for you.
  • If you are bringing a windows machine in for service we request that you bring the power adaptor with you. While we have most on site having the machines power adaptor can help us diagnose the machine properly.
  • We believe in thorough diagnostics to pin point exactly what is causing your issues. Typically you will hear from us within 1 business day with all of the options you have for repair.
  • Make sure you know your login password for your machine. This will eliminate us having to contact you for it later during the repair process. We will need this to run full diagnostics on the device.
Prepare Your Devices For Service, TechRestore

Preparing your phone and tablet for service

  • If you are able to use the phone, we request that you backup your data before bringing it in. If you were not able to complete a backup before coming in please let us know, and we will attempt to secure your data.
  • We request that you share your screen lock password with us at the time of check in. If you are unable or uncomfortable sharing your password with us, we understand! However, without that information we are unable to test the device. Once you come to pick the device up we will walk through the testing process with you so that we can verify everything is working as it should.
  • We request that you take any phone cases and/ or accessories with you unless they are directly related to an issue you are having