National Mail-In Repair Services

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  • Setup Your Repair

    Select your device and the repair service that needs to be completed. Upon receiving the device, TechRestore will perform our free diagnostic service to verify the issue and then contact you with our results.

  • Ship Your Device To Us

    TechRestore; 4036 Taylorsville Rd., Louisville, Kentucky 40220

  • We will handle the rest

    • We will send you an email with confirmation
    • You will get an order number from us
    • We will fix the device as quickly as possible

TechRestore: Repairing Devices Amid Covid-19 

While strict lockdowns are still being implemented in most parts of the world, TechRestore is finding effective ways to repair your phone and laptop as soon as possible. We don’t want to see customers having unreliable devices, especially in tough situations.


How It Works 

First things first, think about your faulty devices at home. How many are there? Properly gather the electronic devices that need to be serviced. At TechRestore, our certified technicians offer free diagnostic services to effectively determine the causes of your tech problem. 


National Mail-In Device Repair 

We understand that Covid-19 is a serious threat and one way to protect our customers and employees is not to take things for granted. To better protect each other, TechRestore encourages customers to take advantage of its National Mail-In Device Repair. Whether it’s a laptop or phone problem, simply drop it off in the mail today and our techs will take care of it. 


Our address is at: 

4036 Taylorsville Rd., 

Louisville, Kentucky 40220 


What Happens Next? 

At TechRestore, our licensed technicians are doing everything they can to finish the job quickly using the right tools and knowledge. Upon the receipt of your laptop or phone, a technician will repair it immediately so it can get to you soon. You may receive a call from us or an email confirming the status of your device. 

Talk to us at (888) 647-3786. Customers can also send us an email at for further inquiries. Stay safe in the midst of Covid-19. We’re all in this together.