mac with malware symbolMacs are not immune to viruses or malware attacks,

while they are more difficult to exploit than Windows, hackers have been increasingly using browser hijackers and click baits in an attempt to get your personal information. The targets of these attacks seem to be random, and one of the most recent was Ariana Grande fans who downloaded a pirated version of her new album  which contains malware that is stealing their online banking information.

Adware and malware can be a problem for everyone. It can be disguised as familiar “software updates” that don’t really update anything. Once you agree to download this “update” you could be downloading software that can slow your machine down, or worse, share your personal data with someone else.

To prevent these issues there are some best practices that TechRestore recommends:

  1. Ignore unfamiliar pop-ups offering updates after loading a web page, especially if they warn you that your device is “infected”
  2. Set your homepage to
  3. Use trusted software to scan for and prevent adware and malware
  4. Visit only trusted and safe websites (so if you get an email link from your bank for example, go to their website directly, don’t click the link)
  5. Remember, most malware requires some action from you, so use caution.

Even abiding by the recommendations above doesn’t guarantee you won’t contract adware and/ or malware. If you think this has happened to your Mac or PC, TechRestore is offering a special service to save you money and keep you protected. We will do a complete check, removal, and install software that will help protect your machine for 1 year, all for only $100. As always you can set your repair up online and send your machine in for quick service, or stop by our store in Louisville, KY. If you have any questions or need help setting up your repair give us a call at (502) 398-6456, or send us an email.

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