A large part of our business consist of, aside from our wholesale and customer repair services, buying and selling refurbished electronics. We’ve done it all, TVs, gaming systems, smartphones, mobile devices, and computers. In recent years we’ve primarily focused on supporting Apple products, namely the iPad.

We do everything in house with a small but dedicated team of fantastic people. Our success depends on everyone in every department working together as cohesively as we do.

From the moment we receive it, each iPad takes a multistep journey. It usually arrives on a pallet along side hundreds of its buddies.

pallet of iPads
shipment of iPads ready to be checked in

First, it gets its own record (serial number, specs) in our system so that we can keep track of it. After it’s accounted for, the iPad is inspected to evaluate its condition and functionality. Anything that needs to be fixed or repaired is noted. The condition of the iPads range from “hardly looks used” to “I can’t believe somebody managed to do that to an iPad”.

really broken and bent iPad
I don’t think it can be saved

After the initial inspection, it becomes the job of our Apple Certified Technicians to get it ready to use. Our Techs repair anything that is out of order. These issues can include broken touch screens, muffled speakers, and wifi issues among other things. They make sure everything functions properly and that the device functions as close to new as possible (even if it doesn’t look new!). These guys really work wonders.

black iPad air cracked digi
ipad air after repair








Once the iPad has been repaired, it’s ready for purchase from our eBay and Amazon stores. And once it’s purchased, the iPad is ready to be shipped out to you. Our shipping department handles this. Their role is critical because this is the last person that will see the iPad before you do, so its up to them to catch any flaws or imperfections that someone further down the line may have missed. They pull the iPad to match the order, clean it up and package it. They add all the accessories, company literature, and a couple of ninja (Why? Because it’s fun!). We ship all orders same day or next business day from the day we receive it to ensure each package arrives in a timely manner.

toy ninjas positon on ipad packaged in box
ninjas protecting an iPad as its being shipped

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