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For more than a decade we have been partnering with schools and districts providing the best experience possible for technology in education from beginning to end. The job of an IT or Technology Director in education can be daunting. In many cases, there are so many old systems in place that they cause constant friction, or no system and the painful process of finding and implementing the best solution goes on and on.

It doesn’t have to be that way. Whether your current system is humming along or needs some adjustment, all fleets require replenishment, all systems require refreshing to keep up with current technology. No matter how many failsafes are in place, devices will be broken from time to time. Technology in schools is, by nature, in harm’s way.

Products we service: Lenovo Desktops (Lenovo ThinkCentre, Lenovo IdeaCentre, Lenovo Essential), Lenovo Laptops (Lenovo ThinkPad, Lenovo IdeaPad, Lenovo Essential), Lenovo Netbooks, Lenovo Tablets, NutKase products and more!

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TechRestore Advanced Care

TechRestore Advance Care is our in-house warranty program. Designed to fill the blanks left by manufacturer warranties and to decrease downtime, red tape and headaches for schools, districts, companies and corporations.  TRAC also extends the life of devices by eliminating the maximum repair threshold many large deployments impose. TRAC covers your entire fleet with free shipping, free repairs, device replacement and an on-site pool of loaner devices – so no one has to lose instructional or work time due to a device out for repair.  The cost for this program is typically less per device than the average of ONE common repair. On top of all these benefits (and others not mentioned), you will have a dedicated representative as a single point of contact for all your needs. We have been happily offering this program for several years with great success all around.

What TRAC Includes

  • Discounted Repair Costs
  • Discounted Repair Costs
  • Zero Deductible
  • Purchase Orders Accepted
  • Free Shipping
  • Certified Technicians
  • Damage Coverage
  • 80% Processing Time
  • Zero Loss Instruction Time

Additional Offerings

Lenovo Authorized Repair Center

We have partnered with Lenovo, the leading tech provider in the classroom bringing solutions that are not only built to last, they run on the seamless Google Education platform. If you have not yet implemented Lenovo devices or are concerned about the difficulty and expense of doing so, we have good news! We can arrange an on site demonstration and comparison of multiple Lenovo models, no matter where you are located. This is not a sales call, simply a chance for you to see models of machines that may best suit your needs and budget. Once you’ve seen them and you’re ready for the next phase, we will make a comprehensive proposal for you for pricing and delivery. 

Google Partners For Education

If you are not currently using Google for Education software, you may be surprised at the ease with which this management software can be implemented and how much streamlining it provides. TechRestore is able to offer licensing for this product as well as support. The best of both worlds is using a software developed by a world leader and having the expertise and hands on support from a partner you know and trust.

Go Guardian

The best companion to the Google platform is Go Guardian. This incredible software provides fleet management tools for administrators, learning tools for teachers and can even flag potentially harmful behavior or ideations. The testimonials to this feature highlight the usefulness of early intervention while maintaining privacy for students.

First Free Repair

A great experience speaks volumes more than well written copy. In the end, the results are what matters. Luckily, that’s where TechRestore lives and thrives. Our entire company has been built on delivering experience beyond expectations and constantly looking for ways to improve. In the spirit of making sure our services are a good fit for you, we offer a risk-free trial repair at no charge. That’s right, TechRestore will perform any common repair on a device that represents your deployment at no charge to you. We’re pretty sure you’ll love us, but there’s only one way to find out! Contact us to set yours up today.

Specialized EDU Pricing

We understand – budgets are tight everywhere. As a Partner in Education, we’re proud of the relationships we build and always strive to meet the needs of each individual site. With that in mind, we offer several programs to ease the financial burden of repairs. Schools and districts shipping in 3 or more devices at a time will automatically have free inbound and return shipping. In addition, TechRestore offers discounts up to 10% on many common repairs and you can trust us to offer the solution that’s best for YOU.

Decommissioned Devices

Devices that are beyond economical repair (BER) can still provide value. Instead of writing off a device that exceeds the repair allowance threshold (even if that amount is less than what the device is worth), why not put its spare parts to use in repairs on other units? TechRestore will hold your decommissioned devices at our repair facility – creating a “boneyard” of parts for future repairs. This is the ideal way to recycle and it reduces part costs for you significantly. We have made this program work for many sites; helping them save money while still complying with their deployment standards.