Safety for our customers and employees is always our first concern, which is why we have made our process even easier!

TechRestore: Fixing Mobile Phones Amid Covid-19 

The global health crisis is still not over yet. With several lockdowns here and there, TechRestore is doing its best to provide curbside phone and computer repair services without sacrificing public health. Staying compliant is still essential to effectively minimize the risks of getting infected with Coronavirus disease. 


How It Works 

There are a few simple steps you need to follow. First, you need to fill out the online form with the necessary details. Then, proceed to TechRestore’s curbside drop-off station and call us to simply hand over your computer or phone for repair. Wait for further updates since our staff will get in touch with you soon. Feel free to choose the right time so you can claim the device at your convenience. 


Curbside Phone Repair 

We are continuously providing tech solutions to new and existing customers. TechRestore is responsible for the welfare of its employees and loyal customers day by day. That being said, curbside phone repair allows our certified technicians to fix Apple and Android phones without staying inside the shop. Simply stay in the car and we’ll take care of the rest. 


  • iOS and Android repairs
  • Screen repair 
  • iPhone and Samsung battery replacement 
  • Water damage repair 
  • Data storage problems 
  • Backup services 
  • Port repair 
  • Front and rear camera repair 
  • Free diagnostics 


Curbside Computer Repair 

A traditional computer shop is a place where customers bring in their devices and get them fixed. They have to come inside and talk to the technician. Now, things have changed at TechRestore since our goal is to stay compliant in the midst of Covid-19 whenever possible. Customers can still expect fast and reliable computer repair services. 


  • Windows and Mac OS Recovery 
  • Backup services 
  • Data recovery 
  • Free diagnostics 
  • Motherboard repair 
  • Virus detection and removal
  • Hardware and software configuration 


While our phone and computer repair services are covered by the warranty, it is still best to talk to our staff, and understand the current terms and conditions. 


Contact Us 

To follow up on the status of the repair, call us at (888) 647-3786 and we’ll be glad to be of help. Send us a message if you have any other questions about curbside computer and phone repair. Always remember that we are at your service.     


Fill out the form


Arrive at the store to drop off your device, stay in your vehicle and call us at (502) 398-6456  to let us know that you have arrived


Let us work our magic. We will be in touch and keep you updated every step of the way!


Find the time that works best for you to pick up the device