Jim Tuohy made our Thursday morning with this wonderful review of his iPad purchase from our eBay store. Thanks Jim!

Gail and Dawn,
I received the 2nd unit less than 24 hours after shipping the damaged one back to you. I have it charged up and it checks out very good. No issues.
Thank you for your help with this situation. The following is the review I left on ebay as well as excellent feedback.

This is difficult, how do you give a 10 STAR company only 5 STARS. The Apple IPAD is known as an excellent product and you can buy one from many sellers. The difference in you purchasing/owning experience is working with TECHRESTOREREFUB on ebay. My ipad came in late Friday night with a small crack in the glass at the corner in the frame area. The seller emailed me to make sure I had opened it and answer any questions, I mentioned the crack, “NO,NO,NO we only sell perfect products” they replied with a shipping label to return it. I dropped it off at a UPS Store Monday morning before 9:00 by Tuesday afternoon I had a replacement. They suggested I order another one and would receive FULL credit for the “not perfect” one. I did and opted for the fast shipment. When I buy my next Apple product IF THEY DON’T SELL IT — I’M NOT BUYING. Excellent Customer Service. I even decided to call to confirm the purchase / credit transaction. I expected 45 minutes minimum of listening to music, then a long automated menu. One ring, 4 item menu, 2 rings and the person who wrote the email said “Hello Jim, I’m so sorry we had a problem ……” This before I could even say ‘hello’. This company stands behind their products and makes sure the customer knows who is king , THE CUSTOMER IS. Buy from this Seller. The prices are great, the products are great and the company is beyond belief. “

I look forward to a continued relationship with you and your company.
Thanks for being GREAT

Jim Tuohy

You can join Jim and save some big bucks on refurbished iPads at the TechRestore eBay store.ebay-store-header

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