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Future Shock

This is a blog about emerging technology, new gadgets and future culture
Written by Brian Northway

Friday, March 23, 2007

Apple TV Software

Just in case you're wondering what's on the Apple TV hard drive, here's some juicy details:

• A stripped down version of OS 10.4.7, with no finder, 446MB (left image)
• Multiple hidden partitions
• Automator scripts for video and audio capture (right image)

The drive its self is a Fujitsu 40gb 4200rpm drive. The inclusion of video capture Automator scripts may be a hint that a Tivo-like recording add-on will be available in the future!

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i think it might also be only for capturing a "preview" picture for display purposes in the menu... but only guessing because there is no input connector. a seperate hardware add-on (like req'd in most PCs for example) seems not to fit into apples "easy use - not too much cables" strategy...
Not true... the USB port would let you attach just about near anything.... DVD-RW, video converter ala EyeTV, or even an iSight for that matter.
Well, so you think that the PDF actions are part of some secret scanner add-on or something? The capture actions are there for one reason - they come with every installation of QuickTime
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